F.lli Mirra has about 30 years of experience in engineering and hydraulics. Founded by brothers

Agostino and Sabato Mirra

This company is counting on hundreds of customers in Campania, Italy and many of them distributed somewhat throughout the world. Mirra care workshop F.lli the sale and servicing of: Caterpillar - Fiat / Hitachi - Liebherr - Komatsu - O & K and many more. The sale is aimed at new and use garantito.In it is possible to order any replacement with fast deliveries. The sales are also extended to the means of transport, especially trucks, which can be set up platforms for the transport of any form of work. Construction of excavating buckets. The company Officina F.lli Mirra has vehicles equipped for the recovery of machinery failed and some furniture factories with specialized staff for external assistance.

The professionalism, and friendliness are at home in this company managed almost entirely a family getting the valuable contribution by the young talent of the family Mirra: Maurizio, Ivan,Antonino e Simone.

Esposizione visibile Autostrada A3 SA-RC
Azienda Mirra s.n.c.

Features vehicles Industrial: Grue, Tip, Box, Pianali to transport earth-moving machines, all with certificates ISP-SEL.
Costruzione benne


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