<% 'tabella = cat %> OFFICINA MECCANINA F.LLI A.& S. MIRRA Eboli (SA) Italy
We are to Eboli in prov. of Salerno to approximately 2 Km from svincolo exited Sa-rc Campaign Eboli direction continuing S.S. 19 and more precisamnte in Epitaffio locality.
autoBy Car :

To exit to the casello of Campaign of the A3, to turn to right for the SS19 to continue for km 1, to turn on the left loc.Epitaffio. G.Salvemini street

tenoBy Rail :
Stopped to the Station of Eboli. Leaving from large square Railroad, it turns to right in Via Skillful Enrico, after 1km turns to right loc. Epitaffio. G.Salvemini street
aereoBy Airplane :

The airport more close is Capodichino Naples to approximately 80 Km from which continuing the travel in train from the station of Naples they centers.





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